REIN/VPAR Lockboxes

CBS Code Required


Clever Upgrade is an affiliate member of VPAR, and as such we have an affiliate key to access lockboxes.

However, our eKey has an extra layer of security so that we may only enter with your express authorization. You provide this authorization by giving us the CBS code for your lockbox. YOU MUST PROVIDE THE CBS CODE in order for us to access a REIN/VPAR lockbox. We can't get in without it.

How do you find this code? Easy:

  • The Supra Website or Smartphone App: Take the serial number of your lockbox and search for it on the supra website. If you're using the eKey smartphone app, you should also be able to find it within the app.
  • Call REIN or VPAR: Call the organization that manages your lockbox, provide the serial number, and they'll get you the CBS code.